With work forces moving more and more towards remote working environments many keep in touch via regular 'Dial In' Conference Calls.

Inbound conferencing enables groups of people to chat in a conference by dialling a telephone number from any phone, including a mobile, and entering a Conference PIN Number. It is often used for regular sales or project meetings and can be much more cost effective than a face-to-face meeting.

Our solution is slightly different to many in that we do not use 0844 numbers but allow you to access the conference facility via normal geographic numbers that are often free from mobiles as part of the bundled minutes ie 0121 if you are in Birmingham, 0117 for Bristol etc. Costs start from £30 per month for unlimited use of a facility that can support up to 50 simultaneous callers at any one time.

For a 1 month free trial of our conference service CONTACT US. If you decide at the end of the month you don't want it, all you do is cancel the service without any penalties.

Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Conference Calls.
  • Your Own Geographic Area Code.
  • Flexable Contract Terms - 1 Month to 24 Month's.

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