SouthWest Technology Solutions will be happy to provide you with a FREE, no obligation consultation to determine just how suitable such a system might be for your organisation. If we can help (and we know we can) then we’ll provide you with a written proposal and quotation, outlining our recommended solution.

Working from Home

Two drawbacks in working from home (apart from something known as “kitchen proximity) are un-professional answering techniques and missed calls. Although they sound fairly minor they can contribute greatly to a loss of business, particularly if a potential customer can’t get hold of you.

It would be easy to imagine a solution to these two problems alone would be expensive, but for just £10 + VAT per month we can provide you with a geographic number, using any area code in the country, routed to your mobile phone or voicemail, with a voicemail to email service. This is ideal if you’re out on the road during working hours. Not only that, but we include incoming fax to email, full conferencing facilities and call record access. If you’re part of a team then we can arrange for the number to be routed to all team phones simultaneously, so the first team member to answer takes the call. You can talk to each team member on the system for free, and even answer each other’s normal calls.

Office Systems

The communications world is in a constant state of flux, with new innovations being launched almost daily, or so it seems. How does the average business owner keep up, and how does he know a good deal when he sees it?

Voice over IP has been a boon to telecoms, but many companies have locked themselves into long and expensive contracts only to discover poor reception on calls and even worse customer service. The early VOIP services have become outdated and new technology has replaced them at cheaper cost – unless of course you still have time to run on your contract.

At SouthWest Technology Solutions we recognise that there are only two real solutions to the problem – lower prices and shorter contract periods. So, we only ask you to sign up for ONE MONTH at a time! That way when prices fall and new technology arrives you can instantly switch and save even more.

We think that’s an unbeatable offer.

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