The biggest obstacle to improving an organisation's telephony systems is cost. Large capital sums are frequently difficult to come by, particularly for smaller businesses.

One solution is to use our hosted IP service.

A hosted IP solution allows a user to pay for services on a monthly basis, and all hardware and software is housed off-site on a system that's shared by many other users in many other locations. This means you can have as many phones on the system as you need, in any location, and you'll benefit from a "big business" solution at "small business" prices whatever the actual size of your business.

This system is great for organisations with ageing telephone services that want to update but are concerned about a whole new system becoming redundant in technological terms. It's also ideal for those with just a few extensions where investing in the cost of a whole new system is prohibitive.

If you want to free up your capital for other projects, then just look at the benefits:

  • Calls between your sites are free of charge.
  • No hardware to go wrong onsite.
  • You're always on the latest software.
  • You retain your local number wherever you are.
  • You can integrate home and remote workers.
  • You can control your calls from anywhere.
  • It's easy to manage.
  • It's cost effective and fast to expand.
  • Calls are easily re-routed in disaster type situations.

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